traditional massage


Also known as classical massage. It is an intense and deep massage usually performed on the floor and always in comfortable clothing. In traditional Thai massage, pressure is applied to specific points all over the body from the feet to the head. It is a technique that combines deep acupressure of the most important points of the body with elements of yoga. Recognised as a therapeutic massage in Thailand, this massage helps to relieve muscle and joint tension. It also stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems which helps to rebalance the body.

Considered a therapeutic massage for many years. It can be used to treat diseases of the spine and perispinal muscles, restoring their correct tension. It makes the joints more flexible, ensuring their proper mobility. Accelerates the regeneration process.

intensive massage


A type of classical Thai massage involving the upper body. The special herbal ointments used during the treatment help to relieve back pain and relaxation. Particularly recommended for people with sedentary lifestyles, chronic back pain and migraines. 

Attention focused on the body from the waist up. A therapeutic massage that will make the joints flexible to ensure adequate mobility. Accelerates regeneration processes.

relaxes and relieves stress


Less intense than a classic and more relaxing massage performed with aromatic oils. The acupressure technique with a combination of ayurvedic massage relaxes, relieves stress and improves well-being. Thai massage with aromatic oils relieves pain in the shoulders, neck, neck, back and legs. This treatment improves the immune and nervous systems and, by stimulating the skin pores, promotes the excretion of excess water from the body. Thai oil massage is also performed with hot coconut oil at a price of PLN 220/hour.
By rubbing, the precious oil penetrates deep into the skin, which accelerates the excretion of excess water from the body and stimulates the skin pores. It regulates disorders related to blood and lymph circulation, combats disorders of the internal organs and also eliminates accumulated toxins in the body.

has a positive effect on the circulatory system


A therapeutic massage that is a combination of acupressure and ayurveda. By applying pressure to the reflexology zones on the feet, it eliminates the feeling of "heavy legs", supports the detoxification of the body from toxins, improves sleep and well-being. The massage includes massage of the sole, dorsum of the foot, toes, ankles, calves, knee area, among others.

Among other things, it includes massage of the sole and dorsum of the foot, toes, ankles, calves, up to the knee area. Detoxifies the body, improves digestive processes. Regulates the endocrine system. Relieves muscular pains, rheumatic pains. Has antibacterial and antiviral effects.


Traditional Thai Massage + Aromatic Oil Massage
300 zł Promocja 280 zł
Traditional Thai Massage + Hot Coconut Oil Massage
310 zł Promocja 290 zł
Traditional Thai Massage + Foot Massage (Reflexology)
280 zł Promocja 260 zł
Aromatic Oil Massage + Feet Massage
290zł Promocja 270 zł

Two-hour packages:

If you notice symptoms of illness such as persistent cough, malaise, difficulty breathing, please cancel or reschedule your appointment.

If you have had a recent COVID test and have not yet received a result please reschedule your appointment until you have received a negative result.

When entering the salon, please use a mask in accordance with current regulations.

Upon entering the salon, please disinfect your hands.

Please come to appointments at the agreed time and also without accompanying persons.

We strive to create the safest possible environment for our clients and staff in view of the situation around us. However, if you still do not feel comfortable using our services, we suggest postponing your visit to a later date. Do not worry about the expiry date of your invitation or pass. We will accept them at a later date. 


In most cases, Thai massage is a safe treatment. People who are affected by any of the following should not undergo massage.
- The consumption of alcohol before the massage is not recommended.
- A meal should be consumed at the latest one and a half hours before the massage.  

Contraindications to massage:
- all conditions with a high body temperature (above 38° C), acute and subacute inflammatory conditions,
- skin discontinuity, early period after fractures, sprains and dislocations (in such cases individual healthy joints may be massaged)
- all kinds of dermatological lesions,
- scars, bruises, skin inflammations, varicose veins (in such cases, only healthy parts of the body may be massaged)
- allergies to cosmetics used in massage,
- haemorrhages or a tendency to their occurrence,
- Uncompensated heart defects, aneurysms, fresh blood clots, fresh myocardial infarction,
- malignant and non-malignant tumours,
- post-traumatic strokes in joints and muscles (up to 3 days after the injury)
- phlebitis
- osteomyelitis with fistulas,
- core cavernosity,
- the period of the first trimester and the last month of pregnancy,
- the entire period of pregnancy with complications,
- all cases requiring surgical intervention,
- people after surgery (massage can be given 12 months after surgery if it was major and 6 months after a minor one if the scars are well healed)
- peptic ulcer disease with bleeding,
- liver and kidney stones.