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Traditonal Thai Massage

Traditonal Thai Massage is a intense and active form of massage which is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. This massage is performed in comfortable clothing which allows for movement. Traditional Thai Massage involves stretching and deep massage and you are put in yoga-like positions during the course of the massage. A great form of massage which is recommended at least two times a month.

Best form of relaxation


This form of massage is more relaxing than the Traditional Thai massage. Essential oils are heated and used during this massage which bring deep comfort and the feeling of complete regeneration. Thai Hot Coconut Oil Massage helps to eliminate excessive water from your organizm and enhances your immune and nervous systems. For this massage you may also choose aromatic oil, which is not heated or a very smoothe and skin softening milk oil.

Massage for Two

Relax together.

Visit our salon with your spouse for a romantic massage or with a friend. In our salon, we can accommodate up to five guests at the same time.

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In our salon you can purchase a gift cerfiticate that is sure to be a hit with the one that has received it. Any massage offered in our salon can be purchased as a gift.


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