§1 General provisions.

1 These terms and conditions constitute the terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services and define the rules for the sale of Thai-Land Massage products offered at the online shop
2. the owner of the online shop, hereinafter referred to as the Shop, is TPD TRADE Sp z o.o. ul. Gdańska 89/1, 85-022 Bydgoszcz NIP 95710800373.The sale takes place via the Internet in the form of an agreement concluded at a distance, between the orderer - hereinafter referred to as the Consumer, and the Seller operating an online shop with the electronic address
4th Technical requirements for the proper functioning of the information and communication system used by the Shop: connection to the Internet, an Internet browser or an appropriate application, having and providing an e-mail address to send information concerning the processing of an order.
(5) The Seller declares that in the provision of the services described in the Terms and Conditions, the User is prohibited from providing content of an unlawful nature.
(6) The Seller declares that it provides electronic services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
(7) Terms used in these regulations shall mean:
Shop - online shop operating under the electronic address;
User - a natural person, a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality but with legal capacity, who, under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, registers and/or makes a purchase in the Store;
Consumer - in accordance with Article 221 of the Act of 23 April 1964 of the Civil Code, a natural person making a legal transaction with the Seller which is not directly connected with his/her economic or professional activity;
Working days - all days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays;
Lead time - is the time counted from the moment the Shop confirms acceptance of the order for processing and ends when the ordered goods are received by the Consumer;
Basket - element of the Shop, by means of which the User specifies the details of the order, such as quantity of products, delivery address, invoice details, delivery method, payment method, etc;
Product page - a page in the Shop that presents information on the product offered;
Sales contract - a distance contract of sale, on the terms and conditions set out in these terms and conditions, between the Consumer and the Seller.

§2 Registration and Login.

1 The condition for making purchases in the Shop is to fill in a form concerning the delivery address of the ordered goods. The data required in the form are: first and last name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.
(5) The provision of the data referred to in point 1 is necessary for the fulfilment of orders placed by the User in the Shop and shall not be used otherwise than for the fulfilment of sales in this Shop. For information regarding the processing of personal data for purposes other than the above, please refer to the Privacy Policy.
(6) When the User places an order, he/she is obliged to pay for the selected goods in the amount specified in the order.
(7) In order to terminate the contract for an account with the Store, the User shall communicate such information to the Store by e-mail, postal mail or telephone.

§3 Placing orders.

(1) To place an order, the ordering party should use the latest version of the Internet browser. It should have Java Script and cookies enabled.
(2) The sales contract between the Consumer and the Seller is concluded upon receipt of the email that the Seller sends after the Consumer has placed an order. The email contains an acknowledgement of receipt of the order by the Seller together with all relevant terms and conditions of the order. Upon receipt of the above email, the Sales Contract is concluded.
(3) The User may place orders 24 hours a day. The User connecting to the Internet from outside the territory of Poland, may have limited access to certain information about the products, more about these restrictions can be found in the Privacy Policy. The User places an order by indicating the product on the Product Page in which he/she is interested - the "Add to basket" command, and then in the Basket in the following steps indicates the method of collection and payment for the order.
The successful placement of an order is understood as the process of passing all 4 stages (steps) of placing an order and confirming it with the 'Order' button. Confirmation of the order by clicking the 'Continue Shopping' button involves the obligation to pay for the order. It will no longer be possible to make changes to the shopping basket.
In order to process the order, it is necessary to enter the delivery address (name, street, postal code, city) and contact details (name, telephone number, e-mail address).
5 The provision of data such as name, surname, postal address, email address, telephone number is completely voluntary.
(6) The shop provides an English version of its pages for foreign users.
(7) The means of communication with the User shall be by: e-mail, telephone or post (at the User's request).

§4 Prices for services.

(1) The Store posts information about its offerings on the Product Pages and offers services found in the Store's database via the Internet.
(2) The prices on the Shop website next to the offered service on the "Buy Invitation" page are gross prices and are given in Polish zloty; they do not include possible delivery costs. Delivery costs are specified in the 'Delivery costs' tab.
(3) The binding and final price of a product shall be the price indicated on the Product Page at the time the User places the order.
(4) Information on the total value of the order, including the price of the product, shipping costs, is presented after the User has selected the form of delivery of the order and the form of payment - in the third step of the Shopping Cart.
(5) The Store may make available a promotional offer on the basis of which the prices of goods will be reduced. Promotions in the Store are not cumulative unless the rules of a given promotion state otherwise.

§5 Forms of payment and delivery.

Payment for the ordered goods can be made via the Przelewy24 service by credit card, online transfer or traditional bank transfer. Current forms of payment are specified on the 'Forms of payment' page.
2 The dispatch of the Product is carried out by e-mail in PDF version, free of charge, and at the Buyer's request by the Polish Post. In the case of choosing the delivery method "Dispatch by Post" The Shop will ship by priority mail at no additional cost. Delivery of the ordered goods takes place exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

§6 Order fulfilment.

(1) Completion of an order shall be understood as the completion of all stages of processing: from the commencement of the order process by the Shop, through transmission of the product by electronic means or, at the Consumer's request, by courier service, to delivery of the consignment to the Consumer.
(2) Once the order has been placed, the Seller sends the Consumer an order confirmation email which contains all the relevant terms and conditions of the order. Upon receipt of the above email, the Sales Contract is concluded. The acceptance of the order for fulfilment shall follow the conclusion of the Contract.
3. you will receive your order paid via Przelewy24 by email a few minutes after the payment has been accepted.
(4) The shop is obliged to provide the user with goods free of defects.

§7 Conditions for complaints (notification of defects in the goods sold). 

1. from 25 December 2014, the basis and scope of the Seller's liability towards the Consumer under the warranty right for physical and legal defects is defined by the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code. In the event of any complaints, the Shop should be contacted via e-mail:, by phone: +48 510 404 504, or by post: Thai-Land Massage, ul. Długa 14/2a, 61-850 Poznań.
(2) The Seller shall respond to the Consumer's request no later than within 14 days.

§8 Withdrawal from the contract.

Article 27 of the Consumer Rights Act

A consumer who has concluded a distance or off-premises contract may, within 14 days, withdraw from that contract without giving any reason and without bearing the costs, except for the costs referred to in Articles 33, 34(2) and 35.

Invitations and value tickets are not refundable in cases other than those mentioned above (Article 27)

(1) In accordance with Article 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, the User has no right of withdrawal in respect of contracts:
(1) for the provision of services where the trader has provided a service in full with the express consent of the consumer who has been informed before the performance begins that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the trader has provided the service;
(2) in which the price or remuneration is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market over which the trader has no control and which may occur before the end of the withdrawal period;
3) where the object of the performance is a non-refabricated item, produced to the consumer's specifications or intended to meet the consumer's personalised needs;
4) where the object of the performance is an item that is perishable or has a short shelf life;
5) where the object of the service is an item supplied in sealed packaging which cannot be returned after opening for health or hygiene reasons, if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
6) in which the subject matter of the performance consists of items which are, by their nature, inseparable from other items after delivery;
7) where the object of the performance is alcoholic beverages, the price of which has been agreed upon at the conclusion of the sales contract, the delivery of which can only take place after 30 days and the value of which depends on fluctuations in the market over which the trader has no control;
(8) in which the consumer has expressly requested the trader to come to him for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance; if the trader provides services in addition to those requested by the consumer or goods other than replacement parts necessarily used in carrying out the repairs or maintenance, the consumer has a right of withdrawal in respect of the additional services or goods;
9) in which the subject matter of the service is sound or visual recordings or computer programs delivered in sealed packaging, if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
10) for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of a subscription contract;
11) concluded by public auction;
12) for the provision of accommodation, other than for residential purposes, carriage of goods, car rental, catering, services related to leisure, entertainment, sports or cultural events, if the contract specifies the day or the period of service;
13) for the supply of digital content which is not recorded on a tangible medium where performance has begun with the consumer's express consent before the end of the withdrawal period and after the trader has informed the consumer of the loss of the right of withdrawal.

§9 Personal data.

(1) The administrator of the personal data (name, surname, mailing address, email address, telephone number, login and password) provided by the Customer as part of registration or order placement in the Shop is the Seller, i.e. the company Thai-Land Massage, located at ul. Długa 14/2a, 61-850 Poznań.
(2) The customer has the right to access and correct the content of the data.
(3) If the Customer gives additional consents, his/her personal data will be processed by the Shop or the Shop's business partners in order to inform the Customer about new goods, promotions and services available in the Shop or from the partners.
4 Detailed rules for the processing of personal data are described in the Privacy Policy tab.

§10 Matters not covered by the rules.

(1) Contracts concluded through the Shop are concluded in accordance with Polish law and in the Polish language.
(2) The provisions of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014, the Civil Code, the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services, the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant provisions shall apply to matters not regulated in the Terms and Conditions.
Any disputes arising between the Seller and Consumers shall be submitted to the competent courts in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 17 November 1964 Code of Civil Procedure.
The consumer has the possibility to use an out-of-court method of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims through: Provincial Inspectorates of Trade Inspection, Permanent Arbitration Consumer Courts operating at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection, Consumer Ombudsmen, Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers. Information on how to access the aforementioned dispute resolution procedures and procedures can be found at the following address:
The consumer can also submit a complaint via the ODR (online dispute resolution) platform available at the electronic address: The European ODR platform provides a single point of access for consumers and traders for the out-of-court resolution of disputes concerning contractual obligations arising from a concluded online sales contract and/or an online service contract.

§11 Final provisions.

1. These Terms and Conditions are available at the Seller's registered office as well as at the following Internet address:
(2) The Seller shall allow the right to amend these Terms and Conditions for important reasons, in particular:
- sweeping legislation on consumer law and e-commerce,
- changes to the forms of payment,
- changes to delivery methods,
- changes to the legal form of the business.
(3) Changes to the Terms and Conditions will not affect orders placed and processed. Orders accepted for processing shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions in force at the time the order is placed.
4 These Regulations were published on 10 December 2016.

If you notice symptoms of illness such as persistent cough, malaise, difficulty breathing, please cancel or reschedule your appointment.

If you have had a recent COVID test and have not yet received a result please reschedule your appointment until you have received a negative result.

When entering the salon, please use a mask in accordance with current regulations.

Upon entering the salon, please disinfect your hands.

Please come to appointments at the agreed time and also without accompanying persons.

We strive to create the safest possible environment for our clients and staff in view of the situation around us. However, if you still do not feel comfortable using our services, we suggest postponing your visit to a later date. Do not worry about the expiry date of your invitation or pass. We will accept them at a later date. 


In most cases, Thai massage is a safe treatment. People who are affected by any of the following should not undergo massage.
- The consumption of alcohol before the massage is not recommended.
- A meal should be consumed at the latest one and a half hours before the massage.  

Contraindications to massage:
- all conditions with a high body temperature (above 38° C), acute and subacute inflammatory conditions,
- skin discontinuity, early period after fractures, sprains and dislocations (in such cases individual healthy joints may be massaged)
- all kinds of dermatological lesions,
- scars, bruises, skin inflammations, varicose veins (in such cases, only healthy parts of the body may be massaged)
- allergies to cosmetics used in massage,
- haemorrhages or a tendency to their occurrence,
- Uncompensated heart defects, aneurysms, fresh blood clots, fresh myocardial infarction,
- malignant and non-malignant tumours,
- post-traumatic strokes in joints and muscles (up to 3 days after the injury)
- phlebitis
- osteomyelitis with fistulas,
- core cavernosity,
- the period of the first trimester and the last month of pregnancy,
- the entire period of pregnancy with complications,
- all cases requiring surgical intervention,
- people after surgery (massage can be given 12 months after surgery if it was major and 6 months after a minor one if the scars are well healed)
- peptic ulcer disease with bleeding,
- liver and kidney stones.